Zondi, a crackhead son of Granny Thandi, has just been released from jail. Without a job and addicted to drugs, he relies on small-time snatch jobs. But robbing her sick mother was the last straw. Granny Thandi had finally had enough.

Size: Short fiction - 4759 words (approximate)

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When Granny Thandi comes back from collecting her old age social security grant, she never thought she'd lock eyes with her jailbird son ever again.

To her surprise, Zondi is already lurking in the house, waiting for her return.

In his drunken desire to rob and steal, Zondi terrorises her old mother with a weapon. He roughs her up and steals whatever he could lay his hands on....

But before he could dash away, the weapon he used to intimidate his mother ironically comes down on him to exact revenge...

Or is it self-defence?

It was a question of how far a mother can go to tolerate her addicted son.


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