This is an allegorical story about animal citizens who have endured generations of abuse by their neighbours called Man. However, winds of change blow as the animals prepare to reclaim their lives

Size: Short fiction - 5403 words (approximate)

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The citizens of Animal City have had enough.

Year after year their citizens have been murdered, captured and improsined, and forced to work as slaves for Man.

But these abuses were not going to be left too long. Enter Reverend Buffalo, a deeply religious pastor who was set to change all that.

Through the pulpit the Reverend Buffalo gradually opens the citizens' eyes to the abuses of Man.

No one at Animal City had ever been politically active. They could just not resist the taste of freedom and life without the interference from their enemy.

As change blows in Animal City, everyone finds themselves on a mission to thwart and resist Man's dominance in their lives.


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