A Clean Job Of Murder

*Police procedural

*Murder mystery

*Detective fiction









Fatherland - Die Vaderland

*Afrikaner nationalism


*White supremacists

*Afrikaner homeland 

*Rightwing ideology

Lyrics and Hearts


*Coming of age

*Old age 

*Loss and find


Nurse Laura's Affair


*Illicit affair

*Nurse and patiien affair 

*Hospital romance 

Out of Africa - A Collection of Short Stories 

*African tales

*Tales from Africa

*Award winning stories

*Tales of mystery



*Drug addiction

*Teenage pregnancy

*Drug dealing

*Teenage sexuality

Summer Of Eighty-Four


*Murder mystery

*Detective fiction

*Murder investigation

*Criminal activity

The Good Samaritan

*True crime

*Kidnapping; abduction

*Car theft; hijacking

*Gang violence

*Teenage crime

 The Prostitutes Of Mokopane

*Sex; Illegal sex trade

*Prostitution; Sex work

*Women studies

*Investigative journalism

*Sex studies

*Social behaviour

*Sex research 

Body In A Hotel Room



*Suspense; Crime

*Murder investigation


Animal City 


*Children's stories

*Allegory & fable

*Animal story

 Faceless People




*True crime

I Love You To Death

*Young adult or teen

*Women's fiction


More Than Just Courage

*Adult education 

*Women's education


*Forceful marriage 

*Women self-empowerment

Ordeal of the Innocent


*Women's fiction

*Infectious disease

*School girl

Personal Surprise

*Mystery; strange dreams

*Paranormal ailments

*Supernatural forces


*Fictional diseases


*Spousal abuse; *male abuse

*Anger; *Healing

*Domestic violence

*Female domination

*Dysfnctional marriages


*Broken marriages

The Drifting Trailer Man


*Chick lit





 The Journey

*Crime; Jailbird

*Suspense; Murder

*Substance abuse; Addiction

Through Thick and Thin



*Chronic illness

*Breast cancer

*Troubled marriage


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