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July 11, 2017

Kind and Warm Wishes To All

The first action is to apologise for being away for so long and failing to update the site. This site had served as a bridge and afforded me the valuable opportunity to interact with many people who otherwise would not have got in touch with me.

I value all input and discussions.

The past few years have been extremely busy for me with a number of engagements/ventures that required a major chunk of my time. While no time can ever be enough, I will make effort to maintain the site and post regular updates, dividing lab duties with literary pursuits. I need not remind you that while I am a chemist by profession, by default I am a writer.

In addition to other duties, I edit and publish a daily paper entitled @1Rebone Newsday: https://paper.li/f-1387818040.  

@1Rebone Newsday keeps the reader informed with daily breaking news, arts, entertainment, politics, world news, science,leisure, sports and many many more topics.

Thank you all for your presence and loyalty


07 April 2013

Friends and Associates

Yes I know, it's been a long time since I updated this site. Some of you will understand time constraints, even when I promise to do better each time. Thank you.

Please take a look @ pic above..

 This picture announces that my new book IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, is now available on Amazon in paperback, as well as in ebook format. Please visit this link to view more information: http://www.amazon.com/Name-Father-Rebone-Makgato/dp/1483952452/ref.

In brief, this book is about the trial of an illegal Zimbabwean man suspected of killing a Catholic priest. It emerged in court that Father Dorota had sexually abused and violated him, and many other young boys, during the 60s and the 70s while fulfilling his missionary calling in Africa...
Throughout the trial Father Dorota's reputation as a Man of God is tarnished, and the saint is painted as a homosexual rapist and paedophile.

Much talk abounds about the conduct of the Catholic clergy and its scandals concerning young boys. It's worth checking this book out to read for yourself about one of the most suppressed secrets of the sacred religions of out times.

Thank you for pausing to check this out. Much appreciated.




22 Dec 2012

Hi All

There is so much going on; schedules are brimming with commitments, and there's only so much a person can do. So I'll have to put some programs on hold - for now. and clear the path.

As we celebrate Christmas and New Year, I'm facing a difficult task of priorotising my projects.

Because for a busy writer new projects constantly come along, I am beginning work on a life story of a famous South African musician called Blondie Makhene (@BlondieMakhene). Blondie cut his teeth in the musical industry as a fresh-faced  fourteen year old with the 60s and 70s soul super group known as  The Movers. Now The Movers were to South African music scene what The Bar Kays, the Stax in-house music sessionmen, were to the American music heartbeat.  Older generations will certainly remember Blondie by the evergreen soul  hit "Hopeless Love" that still sounds fresh to this day.

It doesn't mean that when a new project comes along the existing ones suffer. They are all important, it's just that teaming with Blondie Makhene depends on his schedule as a musician and record executive as well. More about his life and music as we go along.

Have fantastic holidays and enjoy responsibly.


26 Sep 12


I talked to my legal advisor and explained this financial intitution investigation. What he told me made a load of sense. He advised me to open a trust account where any deposits from successful credit applications could be held securely. If it can be shown that the funds left my account to a trust fund as quickly as they were deposited, it'd give me credibility when I reveal to the institution concerned that they unknowingly participated in research. Pheww! Scary. This will make it possible to account for any loans from the institutions. Also, a secure trust account overseen by a legal firm would be a fool-proof way to account for any funds.

Is it a marvelous idea, no? Of course. I like it.

I am still battling to come up with the relevant structure for the book, though.

By the way, the short fiction project under a pseudonym will be titled: FLASHBACKS!

You can figure out why?

23 June 2012

Dear Readers and curious crawlers.

Just a little update on the work in progress. My present project, In The Name Of The Father is coming on well. The work had taken much of my time. I had to juggle it with my duties at Rebochem but I don't complain. For the first time in my writing career I had begun a novel in the middle and progressed to the end. Sounds crazy, I know. I am now busy completing the first chapters - in the beginning - in order to complete it.

What could readers expect? Well, I am not known for snippets and such. But at this stage I will say that In The Name Of The Father is a harrowing courtroom drama involving disgusting sexual crimes, a Catholic priest who was not as holy as his parishioners would have liked to believe, a heinous murder and a lonely defense attorney with green envy for his colleague's perfect family life.

I had set my expectation so low for this book. I had believed that it would go on sale in December 2012. I worked as a slave for the past few months, with the result that In The Name Of The Father would go on sale much earlier than expected.

Well, I'll keep you posted. 



  02 June  2012

Investigative journalists, and authors in general face a lot of risks in their line of work. This fact is not apparent to many consumers of news and printed media. As comsumers we tend to take it for granted that a lot of fear, intimidation, casualties and even death in some countries, accompany this kind of work. In extremely oppressive regimes, and also some democracies, investigative writers are seen as a pest and nuisance because they expose what the police, authorities and people of influence subtly overlook. How so? Because it would not be in their best interest.

We all know by now that writers suffer an incurable curse of craving to know more. Knowing more does not suffice, unfortunately, and writers find themselves prodding, paging, listening, photographing, recording, snooping, going undercover and generally distancing themselves from their subject with the sole purpose of gathering information and scoring a perfect storyline or data which they otherwise wouldn't achieve had they sat at home facing the blank PC screen. Authorities feel threatened because they consider any form of investigative work their forte. While authorities hope that rough-handling investigative writers would disuade them from snooping around, it does not, and instead sharpen the writers' appetite for more investigative writing. It is said no one can cage knowledge. It is true – investigative writers continue to churn out text, data, studies and books even in the face of harassment, imprisonment, censorship and death.

Why do I begin with such a sombre analysis?

As a writer, I had faced my share of harassment. I know what it feels like to be a nuisance and an undesirable. Investigative writers know they can be accused of interference at any time. They are always watched by a distant, unseen eye. When I was investigating prostitution in Mokopane, I had experienced numerous police threats and arrests. Once in Polokwane I was bundled into a police van and interrogated, mostly on the suspicion that I was one of the ladies of the night. Haggling with illiterate police is so fruitless. It wasn't after I had parted with the last 500 bucks in my bag that I was released. And you know what? The officers escourted me back to Mokopane – all the way until half the distance. When I accompanied a known Zimbabwean prostitute to Musina, on her journey home, word leaked that I was a writer. My point on that journey was to prove that the Zimbabwean lady had most of border officials on a retainer. I was approached by an officer who asked me if I wanted to get into trouble. These incidents, and many others, are the ones that didn't make it into the book The Prostitutes of Mokopane.

Perhaps the question that is difficult to answer is: What makes an investigative writer go on probing in the face of danger?

Now it seems the investigative bug still has its claws deep in my flesh. Of late I've been toying with the idea of investigating how individuals and NOT syndicates, fool financial institutions into lending them money. I am not interested in complicated fraud where the perpetrator vanishes with millions and cannot be traced. I want to look at simple, often overlooked blunders where institutions override their hunches and trust a borrower – dishing money to them on documents that, on a second look, prove questionable. I know financial institutions have stringent measures to combat crime and fraud. Their double-checking and cross-verification is among the best in all industries. But year on year these institutions still lose millions to simple fraudsters. Also, I know that financial institutions focus on cybercrime such as phising, credit card fraud and check fraud. Within that focus simple falsification of records slip through and an undeserving borrower goes away with the loan they didn't qualify for.

Is this going to be a mamoth task to investigate? Yes. Is it going to be dangerous? Very. Methods I'de use to pry and look into these scams? I'd still have to think long and hard. Watchdogs have said it is easy to get credit in this country, and I'll have to prove it. The National Credit Regulator is often blamed for insufficient measures where people who cannot afford loans in the first place get into debt. Financial institutions, in their bid to explore insufficient credit checks, dish out credit to all and sundry – as long as it will bolster their bottom line.

While many fraudsters focus on the bigger banks, it'd be best for my probe to begin with non-banking lending companies. The biggest problem I'd face is being accused of a systematic, calculated plan to defraud these companies, which is far from my mind. I want to know, and see if I, or most appropriately, a fraudster could squeeze through the loopholes and make a successful application – and be granted a loan. But since it is for research purposes, how, and when will I inform the prospective, unaware companies that they are/were part of investigative writing? I certainly can't inform them before I get the results as it'd jeopardise my work. Informing them a minute too late could also lead to bad consequences of being criminally charged. I don't want to see my name in the headlines for the wrongs reasons! I imagine the investigators would believe I am a member of a syndicate, or had planned to fool a string of financial institutions with the aim of enriching myself. The problem of timing is crucial, and it's something I'd have to think about. In all of these I'd use the right names, contact details and everything that can be traced. I can't afford to give the idea that I had purposefully supplied wrong details so I can't be traced. It'd take less than a minute to find me.

But still, this project scares me. And so was the investigation into prostitution a while back.

So, how long will this project take me? I don't know. If I'm not dragged to jail, I believe it'd take several years to get the results I need in order to analyse the data and write the book. By the way, what type of book is it going to be? Scamming South African Financial Intitutions? How To Tool The Banks Into Giving You Credit? Insufficient Measures In SA Financial Institutions?

Guess guess titles are plenty.

Is it going to be an academic study? A financial report? A consumer magazine? A financial drama?

On that one too I'd have to think.

In the meantime I am busy with the novel In The Name Of The Father. There are other projects in the pipeline, too. Afrikan is about Black Pride and misrepresentation of Black people from ancient times to recent times. It's one other project that will take a long time, but I guess it will run concurently with banks/financial investigations. There is also a rough sketch of a collection of fiction that I hope to write using a pseudonym rather than an orthonym.

Well, till next time, cheers.


04 February 2012

Yes, it is a while since I updated the site. I expect that you all had a positively charged beginning of the year. Through the month of December, the hectic holidays and the start of the new year, my resolution somehow got mashed with new expectations. A lot of things have taken place since then.

 One major family issue was the unfortunate and difficult physical infirmity of my Mom. Everyone knows the task involved with caring for a physically infirm relative. The things we perceive as important become relegated to the sidelines while we make sure that we carry our responsibilities and exercise utmost care to make our loved ones better and comfortable. With the emotional tasks attended to, I believe time and space will allow for the projects already on the cards.

Talk again soon


04 December 2011

Here we meet again

It has been one busy and perhaps impossible year, but it has neared its end. The numerous engagements that clamour for my attention make it difficult to give you timeous updates on this site. So please dear reader, bear with me.

As the year nears the end, I'd like to share with you a special mention: I want to thank all the supporters, visitors to http://www.rebone.yolasite.com, and all clients who purchased books from Amazon.com or any of the numerous sites where my books are sold. It is your most careful decision to purchase authors' books that keep them writing the stories you wanna read.

That said, let me give you the low down on Upcoming Books.


Expected to go on sale December of 2012, this is the story of a Zimbabwean man named Promise who lived in an orphanage run by a Catholic Priest called Father Alfons Dorota. The year is 1975, Promise is 13 years old and a very sad, timid and scared teen. But Father Dorota was always there to protect, shield and guide the young charge.

Fast forward to 2009 Father Dorota is found murdered in his parish in Polokwane City. His genitals had been sliced off; his face was a mashed bloody pulp, and a knife was left sticking into his heart.

The killer or killers left only one clue: a rusty necklace inscribed in barely elligible Polish letters.



Afrikan, at a conception stage, is a part history book presented as Black pride manifesto. It deals with the unpopular, neglected history of Africa and its people from pre-historic times to the present. Afrikan decries the writing off of Black people from history and any platform of repute. Afrikan attempts to look at the continent's history and its influential cultures, arts, science, languages and development that shaped European civilisation as we know it today.

The book, while not pedagogical material, sure elaborates on the wrongful views widely held about black people from ancient civilisation to present. Special focus is given to the role of people of color in ancient civilisations, the archaeological viewpoint, the presence of black people and the role they played during Biblical times, and the advancement that came out of Africa. It also touches on the fallacies and short-comings of Black Power and Black Conscious Movement as far as religious history is concerned. 

Afrikan will be a sharp turn from the historical staple many generations have come to love to have.  


Hi Once Again...

Fine evening... wonderful weather, and superb Women's Day

I hope you all enjoyed this special day.

I have here a sneak preview of a book cover for the anticipated biography of a woman denied. This book is an account of the life of Raymond Samson Tau. Here goes...


The Early Years

Hi There

August 08, 2011

Hectic August month as usual....

We are faced with a very important day and Holiday for all the women in the world... Women's Day.

Let's celebrate this day with pride and humility, and never ever forget the struggle a Woman has gone through over the centuries to be viewed and respected as an equal to man both in intellect and physical prowess. Let's occupy a pride of place in this modern world with wisdom, knowing that the freedoms we enjoy to-day are as a result of sweat and blood etched in the hearts of those who sacrificed for all of us.

With that, let me take this opportunity to announce my up-coming book. It is a biography of one beautiful woman called Raymond. Her father had always wanted a boy. With two little girls in the house, he had reason to yearn for a boy. When Raymond came, all wishes and hopes, and the pride and joy were shattered as she came with mixed gender. Neither could the baby be a boy or a girl... but subsequent domination from an abusive and drunkard father saw that the baby would lead a life as a boy. Needles to say, it put paid to Raymond's mother, Evelyn, to raise a happy and healthy baby... as simply a baby she loved.

Coming out next week on Amazon.com, A Woman Denied... is a tear-jerking account of this wonderful and gifted child as she grows through life in the 70s and 80s. Experience the hurt and the abuses she had gone through as all undeniable signs of womanhood surface... and at the same time think that there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of people like Raymond who we keep denying their true identities and existence. For Raymond, it was not a matter of choosing a specific gender - it was a fight to live life to the next day as she was denied to be a woman.

I had known Raymond personally, and was always troubled by the way the world treated her. The result is this account of her life.

In keeping with the spirit of Women's Month, take an opportunity to buy this book and read this fascinating yet sad and touching story of this denied woman.  And whatever you do, wherever you are, promise not to ever treat another human being the way YOU would never wish to be treated. Whether you like them or not, understand and approve of their lifestyle or not, treat everybody with respect. As HARDCORE Christians often say: the body is the temple of the Lord (Yet they are the first to criticize and hate). So respect the Lord as all people are IMAGES of God.  All people are special and beautiful in their own ways... so love and love lots.

Have a blessed and wonderful Women's Day and Women's Month.

And REMEMBER, laugh and love more and hate a little.

Till next time, keep the love up.


Friends and Associates,

Thank you for taking your precious time to drop in to see what this site has to offer.

The Big American Summer Sale on Smashwords.com has come to an end on July 31st. Links to the retail site for discount coupons have now been removed from this site.

For all those who did not get to purchase and save on this spectacular sale, not to worry, though. Every now and then I make available limited discounts on various genres. So next time be sure to visit the site to see what's on offer.

Hope next time you will log in an get value for your money.

Till next time, take care


August 02, 2011


Hi y'all

My name is Rebone. I call that magical place at the southern tip of Africa home. Yes, you guessed it right: South Africa is my home.

The purpose of this site is to showcase my literary works. Visitors to this site could expect to find news about my writing career, books published, news about upcoming works and links to website where they can sample and purchase my works. Most of my works are available in ebook format, with a number of downloadable choices that could be utilised on almost all eReaders.

Besides updating news about my writing career, I would also provide readers with snippets, book flyers, profile pictures and synopsis of works available for sale. I will also provide links to timely press releases for any news about books either published or in the pipeline.

I am providing free sampling especially for my readers so they can retain that hardest of all freedoms: the freedom choose and purchase works that they feel are of the quality and standards which match their hard earned money.

Occasionally there'd be discount coupons which readers can utilise, cash in for value for their money. 

That being said, please take your time to browse through the works and view cover pictures.

C'ya around


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