This book is about the South African White rightwingers' struggle for independence and self-determination post the first democratic general elections of 1994

Size: Full novel - 55062 words (approximate)
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Whites in South Africa, particularly the Afrikaners, had enjoyed racist minority rule with institutionalised racism and apartheid since 1948. Now the winds of change, the actual ushering in of the new democratic order in 1994, and the election of the first ever black government culminated in fear and loss of political privilege.

But one Afrikaner leader, Fanie Bosman, was on a mission to protect the Afrikaner legacy. Together with other extremist leaders, he steered his Afrikaner party to fight for an exclusive independent homeland called Die Vaderland.

The trouble was with the AWB's Eugene Terre Blanche having lost his grip on his traditional racist base, support for white racist supremacy was waning. Many of the white supremacists were disillusioned by lack of white power.

A small section of the white population saw Fanie Bosman as the answer. He was the only leader who had the qualities to deliver Die Vaderland homeland back to the Afrikaners.

Will they succeed?

Will the idea and struggle for independence bear fruit?

Buy this book and find for yourself.  


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