Two young boys hitch-hiking one evening outside Polokwane City gave the driver who stopped to help them a terrifying experience. Their mission was to hijack the car and kill the driver.

Size: Short fiction - 5926 words (approximate)
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When the author stopped to give a lift to two teenagers, he got the experience he had not bargained for.

Unaware of their evil plan, he was about to be hijacked and killed.

As the hijackers drove him to a secluded spot, an idea crept into his mind.

He had to escape, and escape before anything terrible could happen.

It was a terrifying price he paid to help strangers.



A victim of hijack and kidnap retraces her captors' steps to a place where she hoped to get help.... Only to be turned away - for the second time - by the people who refused to show their faces.

Size:Short fiction - 4539 words (approximate)

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After surviving a gruelling kidnap ordeal one cold day in June 2004, the author finds herself back at the scene of her misfortune.

A simple visit to her potential saviours proved to be as disappointing as her anguished screams during the night of her great escape from her captors.

It turned out the house was occupied by faceless people.

Because the people the author hoped would help her turned out to be as scared as she was.

Or were they?



A young girl running late for school is given a lift by a stranger....

But instead of a short ride to school, the well-groomed driver of a flashy car had other ideas.

Size: Short fiction - 4030 words (approximate)
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When Noma's bus failed to pitch up for her usual school ride, she began to panic.

Ruling out bunking school as an option, she set off to walk to school.

When a sleek car driven by a smartly dressed guy stopped by to offer her a lift to school, Noma breathed easy.

It was the heaviest breath she had ever taken in her life as the driver switched to a menacing brute. Many kilometers out of town, Noma could realise that she was in a jam.

It was a kidnap plot all right, and Noma could only watch in horror as her destiny flashed before her eyes. 



The story talks about a reformed thug who has cleaned up his act. Changing his life made him a compassionate person who protects the people he used to terrorise before.

Size: Short fiction - 4621 words (approximate)
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Bro Bizo was a dangerous thug who thrived on violence, drugs and the low life.

But while serving time in prison, he witnesss an event which made him resolve to change his ways.

He realised that the life of crime didn't pay.

It was while out of prison that he saved a woman who wanted to commit suicide.

The out of the past came Bro Stones, a cold-hearted jailbird who wanted to team up with Bro Bizo to pull one huge last job.

But Bro Bizo had set his eyes on marrying the woman he saved....


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